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Hey Fellas,
I am sure you love movie series "Transformer". but here is the real transformer presented by "ASUS".
Finest & Best Portable Laptop ever in its type in market. Don't believe me ?

here are something special in this ultrabook which mentioned below :

  • Ultraportable Laptop With 10-Inch Tablet : Flexibility to work in your coolest way. Either you can use it as a laptop or you can create it in touchpad as you use your phone.
  • More Stylish in its category.
  • Unbelievable Performance.
  • IPS Display with 1366*768 Resolution.
  • 11 hours of battery life , isnt amazing ?
  • Next generation USB 3.0 Port.
  • And Specification all time best you find in any Tablet.
And most promising thing about this 2 in 1 UltraPortable Laptop which is, it's Price.
Only  32,999/- (INR)
So why are you waiting for ?
it is what you are waiting for ,so Dont waste time,  go for "ASUS Transformer Book T100" 
For more info click here :
Hi There,
Your Net-Banking Credentials has High Priority for Hackers to steal. Trojan, MIMA are the basic hacking attacks that hackers try on victims.

According to G-Hacks Microsoft Released a warning about this malicious Proxy Auto-Config (PAC) 

This is How it works :

A PAC file allows browser to select a proxy without asking any permission from administrator. it may cause a men in middle attack. this kind of PAC file used in Mobiles & Laptops.

It Supported by almost all modern browser & loaded like given below in IE.

According to Microsoft's study, malicious PAC files are mostly used in Brazil, Russia, the UK and Australia.

PAC file redirect user (while they try to open any website) to any fake website which looks like original and try to steal their online banking credentials.

Find Malicious PAC file in your browser :
PAC files are generally loaded into LAN settings.
in IE (Internet Explorer) you can find PAC File in
Tools->Internet Options-> Connection tab ->Lan Settings ->under (
Use automatic configuration script) Check Box.

Just uncheck it any stay safe.

in Mozilla firefox you can find the same in connection setting.

Third-Party tools are also available to prevent your browser from M-PAC "Auto Config Risk Protector" is one of them.
Hi Guyz,
In the earlier version of Whatsapp you were not able to hide your "Last Seen". Anybody able to see when you were recently online.
So in the latest version for Android(Which is not available on play store) you can control your privacy for your photos, status and of course "last seen".


you Can download latest Version from here Whatsapp-2.11.169 this version is not available on play store

And just goto Settings > Account > Privacy then.

Installation Tips:

  • Download apk file from above link.
  • enable unknown sources for installation in the Android settings first.
  • and enjoy....

Hi Guyz,
Have you checked out ?? Google Launches new version of Google Maps or we should says its completely new experience for google maps users.

There are few new things google enhanced in this version;
  • The entire map is now interactive. You can click anywhere and the map will focus on that location, showing you helpful things like related places and the best ways to get there.
  • Use the search box to discover. Search for a location to see all the information you need - see the address, view Street View imagery, read ratings and reviews and sometimes, even take a peek inside.
  • immerse yourself in imagery. From outer space down to the streets, the new Google Maps gathers all the imagery of a location into one spot, making it easy to explore your world from every angle.
  • The more you use the map, the better it gets. As you search, review, and star places, the map adapts to suggest relevant places for you (and even the quickest way home).
its a brand new rich experience using new google maps. having Facilities like:
  • Create and share your own custom maps
  • Earth View + Map View
So just use it and have a experience in map navigation you never had. 
In history Microsoft Changed its products name several times. Recently "Metro" name was replaced by "Windows 8" which had to be changed because "German Metro AG". and now "SkyDrive" also known for British Sky Broadcasting Group's TV Channel. They Cleared to Microsoft that they have to change its name. 

So from now Skydrive becomes "One Drive". Microsoft officially announced about "OneDrive" and given a short explanation.

We know that increasingly you will have many devices in your life, but you really want only one place for your most important stuff. One place for all of your photos and videos. One place for all of your documents. One place that is seamlessly connected across all the devices you use. You want OneDrive for everything in your life.
So all skydrive user's new destination is OneDrive.
Here is a video of OneDrive created by Microsoft.


So still you will see "One Drive" Instead of "SkyDrive".


Hey TechLovers,
Many times you need additional drive for installing programs and other tools in your system for that you generally prefer VMWare or VirtualBox .

Same thing you can do in RamDisk.
You can put all your programs or tools you wanna prefer to install in other drive . RamDisk install these programs into PC's hard drive and saved files into realtime hard drive. you can install RamDisk at temporary file Location or run other programs on to it to speed up your pc.

Now you must be thinking why should you use this tool instead of VMWare & Virtualbox ?
Answer is these all VirtualDrive tools included RamDisk used Static Memory of your system or you can say only that part of memory you allocated while installing.
In this case ImDisk comes into picture. it is an open source tool available free for users.
so once you install RamDisk on your system you can install ImDisk just after that. and now your are able to configure RamDisk Memory. For ImDisk you need Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework.

You can just check "Allocate Memory Dynamically" and it will use only required memory of your system.

One more option is that ImDisk make available for you a option to save RamDisk 
contents into your hard drive or another connected storage location.

Note: Since data in Ram is only available for as long as the computer is running, it is no longer available after you reboot it. Saving an image of the RamDisk to the PC ensures that you can load it up again in future sessions.

Tip : If you wish to use a RamDisk on your system however don't just like the plan of reserving the memory that you simply assign to that all the time, you'll notice the dynamic memory allocation possibility helpful that ImDisk ships with. The program is additional versatile than that although. It may also mount voluminous image file formats, as well as iso, bin, vhd, vdi, dmg, dsi and raw formats.

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Hey Guyz,
As you all know Microsoft Going to stop the very famous OS Windows XP in coming April. After that
Microsoft not gonna release any security patches , all security issues will remain same as before.

so here i am gonna tell you 5 ways to protect your Windows XP after April 2014 :

1. Sandbox :

A sandboxing application is very suggested. Sandboxie puts the browser, or alternative status targets that you just choose, in an exceedingly sandbox on the system that limits interaction with the underlying system. whereas everything works as before, malware and attacks targeting programs that run within the sandbox will not have an effect on the underlying system mechanically. Sandboxie may be used freed from charge with some limitations. There square measure alternatives offered, like BufferZone professional.

2. Exploit Mitigation :

If somebody manages to attack your system and obtain past the system defenses, it should still be potential to dam the attack. this is often were exploit mitigation tools like EMET or Anti-Exploit acquire play. EMET could be a Microsoft program which suggests it's not clear if it'll stay accessible once finish of support. The programs observe common exploit makes an attempt and block them from being dead properly.

3. Firewall :
A firewall controls network traffic. It permits or denies association tries based mostly no rules that ar either designed mechanically, or set by the user. It is extremely prompt to feature a firewall to Windows XP. If you're exploitation security software system, it should go along with a firewall. If not, use one thing like Comodo Firewall, public Firewall or Outpost Firewall Free instead.

4. Antivirus :

You do would like correct antivirus protection likewise. whereas lots is handled with wisdom, having a second line of defense on your system is usually recommended. Do not simply have confidence Microsoft Security necessities, because it is just too basic in terms of protection and detection to be economical. Instead, use an improved product like Avast Free Antivirus, or Bitdefender Antivirus Free for defense.

5. Miscellaneous : 
Now that we've got lined security software package, it's essential to travel over alternative vital security aspects. I recommend that you simply keep all programs that connect with the net up so far in any respect times. you'll be able to use a program like grappling for that to create things easier. Especially net browsers, email purchasers, electronic messaging software package, and browser plug-ins got to be up so far. As so much as plug-ins area unit involved, if you are doing not want them, uninstall them. If you are doing not want Java, uninstall it, or at the terribly least, cut its browser affiliation. It may add up to run security extensions in your browser of selection furthermore. I extremely suggest NoScript for Firefox, however there area unit others that you simply will use instead. check up on our Firefox or Chrome recommendations.

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Hey Guyz,
Whenever you use some application some pop up ads appear on your screen like watch out our new app..blah..blahh..
Sometimes you want to avoid such irritating ads on your smartphone but you don't know how to do this.

Today i am gonna tell you how to block such ads as well as pop up windows in your Android smart phone. 

You just need to follow below steps:

Open the Web browser on your Android smartphone. Type the URL address, “” in the “Search” text box. Tap on the magnifying glass icon (search button).

Tap on the “Gmail” link located near the top of the page. Use your Gmail account information to log on to Android Market. Enter your username in the “Username” text box. Enter your password in the “Password” text box and tap the “Sign In” button.

Type the keywords “ad blocker” in the “Search” text box on the homepage. Tap on the magnifying glass icon (search button). Browse the list of free ad-blocker applications. Scroll down the page until you see one that will block and prevent popup ads from appearing on your phone.

Tap on the “Install” or “Buy” button next to the name of the ad-blocker application that you want to download on your Android smartphone. If you want to buy an ad-blocker application, you will need to provide your credit card information to make the purchase. Follow the website's instructions for purchasing the ad-blocker application.

Tap the “OK” button and confirm that you want to install the application. Follow the on-screen instructions for downloading the ad-blocker application. When the installation is complete, go to the “Application” list and tap the ad-blocker icon to launch the application.

Follow the ad-blocker application instructions on how to use the software to block popup ads. For example, if you're using “Ad Blocker” on your phone, tap on an application icon that you want the ad-blocker application to block popup ads. A popup menu will appear on your display screen. Select the “Block” option to add the application to the Ad Block list. To remove the application from the Ad Block list, tap on the “Unblock” option.

Go to “Menu” and then “Setting” to enable or disable the Ad Blocker service. If you want to disable your Internet connection to prevent popup ads from appearing on your phone, tap the “Home” key and use your finger to press down on an empty area on the Home screen. Select “Add to Home Screen Menu” and then select “Widgets” and “Network Toggle.” Tap on the network icon to turn the Internet connection on or off.


Hey Guyz,
Today i saw a script that can be use for a small prank with your friends. in this script systems caps lock LED blink continuously. so here are the steps for creating this prank :

1) Open Notepad 

2) Type -: 

Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 
wscript.sleep 100 
wshshell.sendkeys "{CAPSLOCK}" 

3) Now, Save the file as "Caps.VBS" 
4) Now open this file on your PC or send this file to your friends PC where you want to see these CAPS blinking. It is funny trick which just blinks your CAPSLOCK light continuously. Note: Save the name with extension of VBS in inverted commas. 

Note: If you want to end this script simply Open Task Manager(Alt + Ctrl + Delete). Under Processes end the process “wscript.exe” or it simply ends after you restart your PC.


The Syrian Electronic Army again attacked on Microsoft's official Blog & Social Accounts.
According to Mashable a member of SEA said 
"We can only say that's just the beginning," an SEA member called "Syrian Eagle" told Mashable in an email. The group also hacked an Xbox Twitter account (@XboxSupport) earlier Saturday, The Drum reported.
Here are three different snapshots of Microsoft's blogs.

  • Official Blog

  • Twitter Account  

  • Confirmation From Microsoft

Source : Mashable
Hey Guyz,
NASA's 8 SubDomains Hacked & Defaced by Italian Hackers.
In Defacement page hackers didn't mention any reason for this attack. Here are 8 subdomains which affected. 


No physical medium lasts forever, and as you most likely already apprehend, exhausting drives specifically will die rather unexpectedly. however however long are you able to expect your drive to live? five years? 50? Backblaze has fragmentise some numbers to seek out disk drive failure rates.

The online backup service analyzed 25,000 exhausting drives it's unbroken systematically spinning over the last four years, nothing once every drive unsuccessful. These area unit "consumer grade" exhausting drives, the bulk of them internal ones however conjointly a little taken out of their external enclosures and mounted in Backblaze's knowledge racks.

They found that arduous drives have 3 distinct failure rates: within the initial year and a 0.5, drives fail at five.1% per year; within the next year and a 0.5, drives fail less—at concerning one.4% per year; however once 3 years, failure rates skyrocket to eleven.8% each year.

The good news is, eightieth of exhausting drives last a minimum of four years. 
The bad news is 200 of them do not. Backblaze does not have knowledge on the far side the four years measured thus far, however work out the information to predict a median life of over half-dozen years for many exhausting drives.

image courtesy:LifeHacker